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Do you long for homegrown fruits and veggies but live in an apartment with only a soil-less balcony?

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    Follow along to a DIY Cocktail Garden

    Follow out posts in the Cocktail Garden Category throughout the summer of 2014 as we develop a comprehensive guide all about  DIY Cocktail Gardens.

Do you want to try those fancy craft cocktails but don’t want to spend the fancy prices?

  •   Explore the posts and videos in the Recipes Category

Do you want to be a home mixologist but don’t have the experience in cooking or bartending?

  •  All of the recipes for the cocktails and mocktails are designed to be easy and doable at home.  No molecular, smoking cocktails here, but you will find creative, fresh unique recipes that are all about celebrations, entertaining or just relaxing.

Do you want to throw casual cocktail parties but aren’t sure what appetizers and/or drinks to serve?

  •    The Appetizer Category will include easy, fun appetizers that are great for entertaining and paired to complement the beverage recipes.  This category is the last to be developed and will not start appearing until the fall of 2014.

Do you want to do something special for holidays or to celebrate loved ones’ birthdays?

  •     Explore the Holiday/Celebration Category

Does your guest list include both drinkers and non-drinkers?  Got a new sodastream but hate the commercial syrups that come with it?

  • Shrub Syrups

    Shrub Syrups

    Explore the Mocktails Category

Want to add flair to your beverages with unique, infused shrub syrups? 

  •      Explore the Syrups and Shrub Syrups Category

Who is Dorothy Stainbrook?

Dorothy in 2014

Dorothy in 2014

I recently told my son that I have divided my life into three distinct categories:  The Exploration years; the Parenting Years and the Entrepreneur Years.

The Exploration Years involves my years as a 20-something, where I explored the inner world of relationships and ambitions and as much of the physical world as possible through bicyclying and travel.   During this exploration phase I worked my way through rent and basics by bartending.

Once I met my lifelong mate and we had a family I entered the Parenting Years where the focus was all about my kids and ensuring they had the best opportunities for making it in the world as we could provide.  During this phase I worked as an environmental planner (both private and for the state of MN) until I had to quit to take care of my daughter’s medical needs.

The Entrepreneur Years didn’t really start in earnest until my kids started driving and subsequently went to college.  Although initially wary of the empty nest syndrome, I have found this Entrepreneur phase of my current life to be surprisingly creative and invigorating.  Every morning I wake up with a new energy and drive to “create” that I didn’t know existed in me.

My hope is to focus this energy and call on my past experience with life and bartending to bring you something of value.  Whether it be inspiration, solving a gardening problem or helping you ease into the fun and social aspects of mixology, my goal is to provide information that might help you add even a little more enjoyment to your life.


How can I best communicate with you about this blog?

I post and interact regularly on Instagram and Twitter (and irregularly on Facebook).  Would love to see your avatar pop up some time!

2 Responses to About Us

  1. Ruth Hirsch March 10, 2015 at 5:24 am #

    Hi, Congratulations on your newest phase!
    Our Regional Food periodical did a bit on shrubs• I am on SCD, I googled ‘SCd shrubs.’ Your site came up, however I am now confused– for SCD I looked forward to recipes with, if a sweetener was needed, it would be honey. So, I may be barking up the wrong shrub. Tho I enjoy your spirit. ( have family in Duluth & The Cities.)
    Ruth, in the beautiful Hudson Valley

    • Dorothy Stainbrook March 10, 2015 at 7:42 am #

      Hi Ruth, My business has a number of aspects to it. I am a berry farmer, a preserve and shrub maker, and a Slow Carb Diet coach and recipe developer. You will find the Slow Carb recipes and the slow carb products I sell at https://www.heathglen.com Shrubs are not by their nature slow carb drinks as they contain sugar. Honey is not compliant with slow carb diets, so getting a shrub with honey is not going to get you where you want to go with shrubs. I sell the shrubs to a range of people, most of whom are not on any kind of diet but like the taste. As far as me personally, I enjoy them on cheat days.

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